Step One – Schematic Design
We meet with you to discuss your vision. This step allows us to gather all the necessary information and requirements about your dream home in order to put a program together. Once the program is in place we will begin to implement your dream home scheme/concept into a conceptual design.

Step Two – Design Development
Step two takes the conceptual design and molds it into working floor plan drawings. In this stage you will begin to see your dream home come to life. The design for your dream home is no longer just a vision, but a tangible design on paper. You will also have the opportunity to makes changes and fine tune the design during this step.

Step Three – Construction Documents
Once the design of your dream home has been finalized and approved, we will take that information and begin developing the construction documents or blueprints. This information will be used by the contractor/builder as a “kit of parts” or directions on how to build your new dream home.

Step Four – FF&E (Fixtures, Finishes & Equipment)
Step Four involves the specification of materials and finishes that will be included in the design of your dream home. We will help guide you in putting together and developing the finish package. Information in regards to exterior and interior finishes such as; lighting, flooring, cabinetry, appliances, colors, etc. are selected during this step.

Step Five – Construction Administration
This final step involves the actual construction of you new dream home. We will be there to over see and supervise every detail during construction to make sure your dream home is built the way you envisioned it.

Step Six – Project Completion
Your new dream home is finished and ready to move into. Your vision has become reality. Welcome home!

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